Dominiando provides you with a selection of payment methods:

We offer traditional methods as well as more innovative solutions.
Here they are in detail.

Online credit card

Through Banca Sella's secure system.

When you enter your credit card information, this will not be charged in real time: it's just a way to verify the availability of funds and to finalize the acceptance of the order and the contractual terms that are linked to it.
Only when the service is provided will the authorized sum be charged.

Simply put, it's just an authorization request that will be handled later.

To make a payment by credit card online you must log in to your Customer Area and click on the Accounting situation menu and follow the payment process wizard.


If you are already a PayPal user, you can use this payment method to secure the services offered on our site.

To pay with PayPal, you must log into your Customer Area and click on the "Accounting situation" menu and follow the payment procedure wizard.


The Hype system is an innovative money transfer system through the mobile phone, both on iPhone and Android platforms.


The MyBank system is a simple and secure solution that enables account holders of participating banks to make an irrevocable wire transfer directly though their internet banking portal, which is notified in real time.

Once you have selected the product to be purchased, it will be placed in the shopping cart.
At the time of payment, you will choose MyBank: by indicating your bank, you will be redirected to the login page of your online bank account.
By logging in, you can access and safely operate from your bank's Internet banking portal, confirming the details of the transaction and authorizing the bank to make the payment.
Customer and merchant receive the payment confirmation in real time and the latter can then complete the order.

MyBank participants list

Bank transfer

Sent to:
Dominiando srl
Banca Sella
C/C 52867037491
ABI 03268
CAB 03210
IBAN: IT 28 B 03268 03210 052867037491
BBAN : B 03268 03210 052867037491

If the transfer is made by the same bank, add "L1" in front of the account number.

IMPORTANT: If the wire transfer is ordered from a NOT italian account, remember to set all bank charges to the customer. Usually the abbreviation is OUR, while SHA stands for Shared.

By sending a copy of the receipt to the fax, +39.06.233200178, the service delivery time will be shorter since we will not have to wait for the bank to notify you.

Our Customer Service agent is always at your disposal to answer all of your questions and to provide you with more details.


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